Monday, 22 February 2010

The dieting is going better than the writing

Perhaps I'm one of these people who can only do one thing at once. I can produce reams of writing and be crap at limiting my calorie intake, or I can control how much I eat but lose the ability to spout words. Who knows. You wouldn't think that the two activities would be related but how else to explain the lack of output here? Sorry, what was that? Lazy? Bone idle? Moi? Well yes, you could be right.

Still, I suppose if anything is to suffer from a lack of attention I'd rather it was this blog than the diet. The fact is that the Christmas Blip seems to be fading into the horizon and I've found my dieting head. I'm frantically touching wood as I type that by the way, which is providing the postman with his first comedy moment of the morning.

That's not to say that I've been entirely angelic or anything daft like that. This is a diet, not a punishment. So beers aplenty were taken to sustain me through the agony of watching Scotland lose to France at Murrayfield earlier this month. And thawing out my frozen heart with a hefty serve from the chippy made the stagger back to the pub for consolation pints possible. However, I guess I'm starting to understand a bit more about this whole "balance" thing and instead of doing my usual "Oh hell I've blown it so I may as well blow it some more" routine, I thought about how much I'd enjoyed myself and jumped straight back into the diet. I had prepared myself for a slight gain, or even just staying the same but somehow my body must have used the extra calories just to keep me warm in all this cold weather because I have continued to lose one or two pounds a week much to my delight.

Today I'm Wearing:

Pyjamas right now, but in a while I will have to stand in front of the open wardrobe and pick something out. There might be a pair of (stretchy) size 12 jeans to choose!

Starting weight: 14 Stone 11 lbs
Current weight: 11 Stone 8 lbs
Total Lost: 3 Stone 3lbs