Friday, 21 November 2008

Hellloooooooo stranger

Okay so it has been a while. This is mainly because I've been doing my emu impersonation (burying, head, sand, all that) and avoiding the issues of what the scales say. Actually, I've not done a horrendous job as I seem to be maintaining the same weight, but it's fair to say that I'm not losing anything either.

It's just an excuse really, but I've also been incredibly busy. I won't bore you with details but if I say Abba night, Bingo night, committee meetings, mother, school trips, school visits, pantomimes, mother, Brownie camp nights, badminton, dental hospital, wart clinic, mother, vomiting and diarrhoea, missed bus, M&S sale, candle party, sleepover, mother and trains you'll get the picture. There's not really any requirement that I elaborate I don't think.

My mantra these days is "I will do better." And so I hope I will.